Our Focus

SCC target groups include women, children, boys, girls, youths and disabled persons. SCC conducted research and assessments in Somalia and therefore fully understands the target area and communities through partnerships with UN-Agencies and international NGOs in emergency, recovery, rehabilitation, and developmental programs. SCC is committed to continue and work with IDPs and host communities through the provision of WASH services, Education, Protection, Food security, nutrition and health services. Our focus is to build momentum for social, economic and environmental justice, driven by people living in poverty and exclusion within and beyond Somalia. In practice, this means working closely with people living in poverty and exclusion, civil society organizations, social movements, and grassroots supporters. Together, we deliver grassroots programs, provide emergency relief and campaign for things such as women’s economic rights, community risk reduction and climate adaptation. 

SCC has over time, implemented emergency and development-oriented projects in south-central Somalia and established ground networks that have facilitated access and identification selection of vulnerable persons. The established networks have contributed to the success of the interventions. SCC applied the approach and strategies to involve all the stakeholders in the project's programming and design of the interventions. The planning and design involved the target conflict, drought and flood-affected communities in Southcentral Somalia. Priority was given to the most vulnerable women, children, girls, boys and men affected by different scenarios in the target locations. All the stakeholders were involved to discuss the issues that might result in conflict if not addressed during the planning and designing of the projects/programs. The participation of stakeholders ensured that the inclusion of all, persons with specific needs, minority clans, majority clans, youths, women, men, and the administration. During the platform, the needs of each group were considered and noted for programming 7 purposes. 

SCC ensured the inclusion and equity of all vulnerable communities were observed through representation from each identified group. Beneficiaries were not be exposed to harm when accessing Project services as the SCC Staff and community vigilante were mobilized to monitor each distribution point observing distribution time. SCC trained the project committees and vigilante groups on activities management and self-protection for sustainable protection measures of the target beneficiaries. 

The committees and vigilante groups were created awareness on protection issues for beneficiaries. SCC and the project committees from each location discussed a feedback mechanism applicable for each location to ensure the beneficiary's concerns are addressed in real-time. The project managers were discussed and agree on the days, points to collect the feedback and act accordingly. The feedback mechanism has safeguarded the beneficiaries and ensured confidentiality at all levels. SCC improved AAP mechanisms and created HOTLINE# - 2133 to call all beneficiaries who have complaints and provide information to the SCC offices