Our Monitoring System

SCC pays significant attention to the monitoring and evaluation of its programmes and projects. 

SCC endeavours to continuously adapt and widen the scope of traditional monitoring methods and tools to improve their effectiveness.

SCC's monitoring system is cantered around four main pillars:
  • Traditional Project Cycle Management tools: with continuous sector and service assessments, an increased monitoring role of Somali staff and collaboration with local NGOs. SCC’s effort includes frequent and regular monitoring missions, continuous training of field staff and GPS mapping of interventions;

  • Joint monitoring and collaboration with National and Regional Ministries and Institutions: building on its long-term presence in Somalia, its understanding of the context, the good relationship with local authorities and government institutions, SCC aims at empowering its partners in the monitoring process, with particular focus on the impact of its activities, the efficiency of its processes and the relevance of its work.

  • Community-based monitoring mechanisms: local communities, their representatives, committees and boards, have a relevant role in monitoring the activities and the services supported by SCC through consultations, C4D (communication for development) actions and feedback mechanisms.

  • Stories from Somalia: a section of this website is part of SCC’s effort to improve continuous monitoring of its project activities and to gather data, feedback and visual evidence related to the relevance, efficiencies and impact of SCC's action in every project location