Our Priorities and Approaches

Social Inclusion, Gender Equity and Women Empowerment
In partnership with Somali authorities, communities, civil society organizations, service providers and women associations, SCC supports:

  • Prevention and elimination of every form of gender-based violence and discrimination.
  • Access to rights, economic opportunities, education and health services for all.
  • Promotion of self-resilience, leadership and empowerment of women and vulnerable groups.
  • Engagement of men and boys in promoting inclusion, gender equity and women empowerment.
  • Support to systems, policies and regulations that promote gender equity and inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Innovation and Good Practices for Social Change
SCC mainstreams the use of innovative approaches and good practices that have been effective in triggering RESILIANCE, EMPOWERMENT and SUSTAINABLE CHANGE OF SOCIAL NORMS at individual, community and institutional level.

Some of these approaches and good practices include:

Community owned and led dialogues:
As powerful processes and spaces for critically examining and re-defining harmful social norms, adopting decisions and committing to change.

Communication for social change:
SCC supports partners to design, conduct and evaluate impactful campaigns and events geared to convey messages for social change, (cultural events and exhibitions, public hearings, school contests, public art, storytelling, screenings, TV and radio programs)