Galmudug State

Galmudug State of Somalia is a Federal Member State in central Somalia, with its capital at Dhusamareb. It is bordered to the north by the Puntland state of Somalia, to the west by the Somali Region in Ethiopia, to the east by Indian Ocean and to the south by the Hirshabelle state of Somalia.
Galmudug is the most centrally located area in Somalia. It is situated about 750 km from Mogadishu, Bosaso and Harar in Ethiopia. The region is bordered to the east by the Indian Ocean, to the west by Ethiopia, to the north by Puntland, and to the south by the Hirshabelle.

Project Title: Supporting Monthly Hygiene Promotion in the Rural Areas (Jan – April 2013) UNICEF.
Target Beneficiaries: 37,750 (8152 women, 5,188 men, 24,410 children) drought-affected and vulnerable people in Galcad.

To Increase the access to WASH services for new arrival drought affected people and Rural areas in Galcad was to reduce AWD/cholera diseases which influenced amongst the drought affected populations in Galcad district and surrounding villages of Galgadud region.

To overcome all the sources of diseases related to sanitation; SCC conducted hygiene promotion awareness raising outreach of 22,000 families in 7 rural areas in Galcad district. The beneficiaries were also taught the proper use of latrines, to avoid open defecation, drinking clean water, chlorination and hand washing practices; SCC also distributed 9450 bars of soap to 945 families in the Rural areas in Galcad.

Due to the shortage or inaccessibility to clean water SCC distributed 10,000 strips of Aqua Taps to the target areas of the Rural areas in Galcad. The beneficiaries were explained the right proportion of the taps to be used and household water treatment and storage to get decontaminated clean drinking water for the poor host communities in Galcad district, since water is the main source of AWD, because it is easily contaminated during transport or storage if not protected well. 

In addition to that SCC distributed 300 jerry cans to the same communities to fetch or store the water, and to ease measurement of the proportionality each aqua tap for 1 jerry can to the illiterate rural communities.

Though public places where people from different places with different characters gather like schools and hospitals need special care when it comes to protect the hygiene of that place; taking into account that rural areas in Galad are the poorest hygiene areas, SCC distributed 22 sanitation tool sets consisting of (wheelbarrow 1, shovel 1, rakes 2, brooms 2 and pick axe 1) to 22 different areas in Galcad district including public places.

In addition to that, SCC conducted three hygiene promotion training workshops for 222 hygiene promoters from the community in three separate sessions, The duration of each session was two days, and the number of the participants of each session was 74 of both genders. Hygiene promoters conducted hygiene promotion activities. They have done home to home visit activities in all areas of the intervention. The hygiene promoters reached 16,650 beneficiaries.