Hirshabelle State

Hirshabelle is a Federal Member State in south-central Somalia. It is bordered by Galmudug state of Somalia to the north, South West State of Somalia and Banadir region to the south, Ethiopia to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. Jowhar is the capital state.
Hirshabelle consists of the Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions of Somalia

Project Title: Improved Access to lifesaving WASH services to most vulnerable drought-affected people In Jowhar of Middle Shabelle Region, Hirshaballe State of Somalia

Target Beneficiaries: 21000(6300 men 7350 women, 3150 boys, and 4200 girls)

Activities: Hygiene promoters training, Training of water management committee (WMC, Rehabilitation and upgrading shallow wells, Construction of new shallow wells, Chlorination, Water Trucking, Construction of Shared gender-sensitive latrines, Construct 54 Latrines for persons with disables (PWDs), Waste Management and disposal, Distribution of Menstrual sanitary kits, Distribution of Hygiene kits, Hygiene promotion


Raising awareness and promoting good hygiene practices within the community, Provide water management, maintenance, and monitoring of water sources, ensuring sustainable access to clean water, improve the wells functionality and ensure a safe and reliable water supply for the community, Construct new shallow wells in strategic locations to increase access to clean water, particularly in areas with limited water sources, ensure water quality and minimize the risk of waterborne diseases, making the water safe for consumption, water trucking services to deliver clean water to areas where access to water sources is limited or compromised due to drought conditions, Construct gender-sensitive latrines that prioritize privacy, safety, and accessibility for both men and women, Constructed of 54 Latrines for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs, Implement waste management systems to promote proper waste disposal practices, Provide menstrual sanitary kits to women and girls, ensuring their menstrual hygiene needs are met and promoting their overall well-being, Distribute hygiene kits to improve personal hygiene practices, raise awareness about the importance of good hygiene practices and behavior change.

Project Title: Enhancing access to GBV specialized services and prevention information in drought-impacted locations in Somalia
Target Beneficiaries: Women, Men Boys and girls including PWDs: 4,995

Case management
Clinical management of rape
Psychosocial support

Established Case Management System, provide specialized medical care to survivors of rape and sexual assault, Offered psychosocial support services to GBV survivors.