Our Objectives

SCC believes in the power of people. If we can empower people to know, claim and defend their rights, the world will be a fairer place. A safe and resilient community is characterized by 7 pillars namely: Knowledgeable and healthy. It has the ability to assess, manage, and monitor its risks. It can learn new skills and build on experiences. Is organized. It has the capacity to identify problems, establish priorities, and act. Is connected. It has relationships with external actors (family friends, faith groups, government) who provide a wider supportive environment and supply goods and services when needed. Has infrastructure and services. It has strong housing, transport, power, water, and sanitation systems. It has the ability to maintain, repair, and renovate them. Has economic opportunities. It has a diverse range of employment opportunities, income, and financial services. It is flexible, resourceful, and has the capacity to accept uncertainty and respond (proactively) to change. Can manage its natural assets. It recognizes their value and has the ability to protect, enhance and maintain them:

 Lasting change is possible when we act in solidarity with the people experiencing poverty and injustice. Even where they live in need, they are often not afraid to speak out against inequality, discrimination, and exclusion. They have the courage to raise their voices and influence to hold those in power to account for their actions.

As millions, continue mobilizing they are not fighting separate battles but connecting across borders in solidarity and creating unshakable momentum. They are the change-makers who will win the fight against inequality. They are the ones who will beat poverty and injustice.

SCC commits to offer unequivocal support to help relieve their suffering, build local talent and strengthen community structures to deepen sustainable community-managed livelihood systems to respond to emergencies and embrace secure livelihoods.