Core competencies and sector focus (program team)

In line with its mission, SCC has endeavored to support communities to address the myriad of threats and risks to food and livelihood security by facilitating the implementation of an integrated livelihood support and resilience program. The organization works towards harnessing unrealized economic potential, unutilized indigenous resources, and knowledge. These interventions are undertaken in line with community needs and priorities. - Providing access to Education, Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Community Empowerment, livelihood improvement, Awareness raising, Networking and advocating for voiceless people. Our programs are implementing with support from various partners including SFG and its member states, UNICEF, UNOCHA/SHF, UNHABITAT, HRF, IOM, INTERSOS, RI, NRC, UNFPA and National NGOs. - By using evidence-based methodologies and aligning projects with country development objectives. SCC intends to build local talent and strengthen community structures to deepen sustainable community managed livelihood systems to respond to emergencies and embrace secure livelihoods. This approach emphasizes collaborating, building trust, and setting measurable and achievable goals. SCC 9 embraces community ownership, engages DEV groups, shares best practices and promotes good governance, among other pillars of proven development approaches. With more than three decades of experience in Kenya SCC has developed the tools, partnerships and network of experts that facilitate quickly and successful implementation of new projects that make a difference